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Servomoottorit Spinea

Compact actuators combining the TwinSpin reduction gear with an AC servomotor.

Servomoottorit Spinea

The DriveSpin® series combine optimized servomotors and TwinSpin gears, resulting in a dynamic, high performance, and very compact servo actuator with high tilting torque capacity with integrated bearing. The DriveSpin® actuators include compact design, high dynamic performance, high torsional and tillting stiffness, small size, low mass, simple installation, high load capacity of radial-axial output bearing and easy maintenance.



  • Robotics: 6-axis robots, gantry robots and manipulators
  • Machines: CNC machine, grinding machine, lathe machine
  • Special machines: bending machine
  • Medicine equipment
  • Aerospace applications
  • Flight simulators
  • Defense industry
  • Semiconductor industry 
  • Radar and monitoring systems


DS - DriveSpin® Standard

The DriveSpin® electric rotary actuators, as the basic type of actuators, provide rotary motion and the transfer of output torque with high radial-axial load capacity and are the most accurate and precise solution in their category.


DSH - DriveSpin® Hollowshaft

The DSH electric actuators are characterized by the possibility to use a through hole for routing cables, pipes, and drive shafts while maintaining the radial-axial and torque load capacity and the characteristic high overload capacity of the reduction gear and of the AC servomotor, featuring high dynamics.


DSM - DriveSpin® Modular

The DSM modular rotary positioning modules provide controlled rotary motion and transfer of torque with high positioning accuracy and precision. The output flange of the module allows to capture both radial and axial forces.


DSF - DriveSpin® Flat

The DriveSpin® DSF “flat” series of electric actuators are characterized by the extremely short axial length with a focus on maintaining the key features of the DriveSpin®. The DSF series was designed to be the most compact solution with very low mass and small dimensions.




 A version of the DriveSpin® Configurator:


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